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Today is all about the remastered special edition of one of my favorite albums. Pitchfork's review this morning reminded me that this stuff was out, and fortunately iTunes has it as well.

Speaking of music, you did not lead me astray on the Mew album. Fantastic.
Good idea. Shall we go with a plain old first-ten-in-playlist war today? I'm still not at the point in my new job (read: a cubicle with tall walls) where I can plot a tournament from work. :)
We might need to up it to 20; I can abstain, but it's been a long time and people might be itching.
Yeah, two tiers of 10, and how about a one-on-one matchup of the two tier winners (or more if there are ties) afterwards?
Sounds groovy to me. We can also announce 20, but if we get more, create a third group. Whatever's clever. This is assuming people don't hate us.
I was afraid you hated me with all my slackage w/r/t scrollwheel, what with the last job crushing my will to live and ability to run polls.

Anyway, let's go on the assumption that iPod Wars are still just as cool and run one today.
Again, considering my high visibility here at work, I pass the honor on to you. However, before the end of September, I promise an honest-to-God tournament!