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1. Got a treat in the mail yesterday, one which I was not expecting until today: Arrested Development, Season 3. We immediately watched the blooper reel and the "Last Day on Location" featurette, and I'd be lying if I said it didn't get a little dusty in the apartment. We got through around 8 episodes last night, and we'll finish up the remaning 5 tonight.

2. Good Evening is invading Brooklyn on September 10; we're playing some sort of benefit at North Six. David had originally told us that we were playing at McCarren Pool - which would have been sweet - but North Six ain't too shabby, and there should be some press there as well. I have no idea what the benefit is for, or what time we're on, or anything else, but obviously I'll post the details as they come in.

Not much else to report; I'm just keepin' on keepin' on.
i am jealous of your arrested development-having. i have of late been incessantly watching seasons one and two. must go buy.
I was extremely concerned about preordering it on amazon.com, it arriving late and paying too much for it. I drove all over the stupid Buckhead area just north of Atlanta (because they have all kinds of places to buy DVDs) and TOWER records hadn't gotten the shipment "it... it on backorda... season fii?" "Er, season three." "We awda fifty, they ain' come in." That guy was clearly mentally disturbed.
Same story at a couple other places, but I finally found it at FYE (right?) in the mall for $22.99.

Entertainment wins out over sanity.
Part of me wanted AD to win the Emmy again, but The Office really, really fucking deserved it.
that's great how socially conscious you are. you don't even know what you are playing a benefit show for?!
Thank you for pointing that out, anonymous reader. I've actually just found out that it's for the "Behind The Book Program", which is about getting books to inner-city kids, or something along those lines.