Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

1. Happy birthday blergeatkitty!

2. Finished "Strange Topics in Calamity Physics". I'm going to back off yesterday's hyperbole just a tad - no, it is not my new favorite book of all time - but I still heartily endorse it. The ending isn't exactly Lethem-esque (although the book's pace accelerates in its final third at a nearly reckless speed, hinging on what at first glance appeared to be minor plot digressions) as much as it is Infinite Jest-ish (the ending is not as apocolyptic as IJ but certainly the narrator is pretty much turned upside down and there is a gap in time between the final sentences and the opening chapter); but, then again, the book concludes with a final exam containing a true/false section, a multiple choice question, and a final essay question that could conceivably render the entire book nonexistant. In short - a remarkable, fun, exhilirating novel/meditation on adolescence/murder mystery/Freemason-ish underground conspiracy theory.

3. The obligatory Good Evening gig reminder: We're playing at North Six in Brooklyn this coming Sunday at approximately 5:30pm or thereabouts. I believe it's a free show.
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