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If you're a Yankee fan, don't you pretty much have to get one of these?
If the Yankees win the World Series this year, I think I'm going to grow me a SalFa for the winter months.

Is this one of those inkblot tests? Because here's what I see:

(Sorry, that was the last of my baseball season bitterness leaving my system.)
I guess that is kinda funny if your team is 11.5 games back with 17 to play.
Okay, that honestly did make me laugh. Not my picture, which was cheap and desperate, but your comment, which was the kind of New York attitude I've been missing since 2004. :)
I must confess, I feel a little wary about getting my swagger on. But, I mean, jeebus - they've had an unreliable starting rotation and they've been without Matsui and Sheffield all year and yet they have the best record in the AL. I'm feeling pretty confident about a Subway Series redux, and I'm feeling even more confident about spanking Pedro's ass in a Mets uniform.
¿Quien es su padre?
Apropos of nothing except sports, you MUST read this week's Sports Guy. Instant Classicâ„¢.
Re: ¿Quien es su padre?
Haven't read it yet, but I saw that he was on the Colbert Report yesterday/this morning, and he was kinda flat.
Re: ¿Quien es su padre?
He's HORRIBLE live, just HORRIBLE. And it's very fashionable on Deadspin and other online outlets to hate, but I still enjoy his stuff. 1,000 words on Art Shell? I'll buy that for a dollar.
Re: ¿Quien es su padre?
Holy shit, I'm reading the Art Shell letters page... Andrew Stehle's letter totally fucking killed me:

I would pay money to read the notes Art Shell was writing to himself during that Monday night game.

1. Try not to get sacked so much.
3. Get high with Randy Moss later

Re: ¿Quien es su padre?
I know, wasn't that awesome? My favorite was:

Then two hours and seventeen minutes into the broadcast, I actually saw him say three words to an assistant. I thought for a second he was trying to right the ship, until I realized what he was in fact saying was "Whopper with cheese."
I prefer <a href="" target="_blank>one of these</a> - Joe
Ugh, it lost my html

Should have said "I prefer these ("