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Forgot to mention this unbelievably wierd dream from this morning: Kath and I and my brother are at my mother's house (presumably for a weekend or something); it's night-time and for whatever reason I've woken up incredibly early and I'm wandering around in the garage. I look out the garage window and this gang of 4 older men pull into the driveway and kick open the door. They pull my mother out of bed and force her to cook this gigantic and rather involved breakfast. They've also started to kick down walls and have basically taken over the house in a very short amount of time. I am outraged and confront them; they say, "I'm sorry, but this is the way it's done. We are the Dwellers."
Halfway through the paragraph I figured this was going to play out much like the simultaneous family rape in The Prince of Tides. I was relieved to discover I was wrong.

At least they weren't The Others. Then they would've been all creepy and shit, and they'd have taken a small black kid, and you'd have spent the rest of the dream running around going HAVE YOU SEEN MY WALT SON WALT BOY THEY TOOK MY BOY WALT