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1. Tonight I am determined to make Pro Tools work. At the very least, I am determined to record 30 seconds of guitar and make sure that (a) I can hear it and it sounds like guitar and (b) I can then use some of the shitty throw-in plugins and make it sound better.

2. I stayed home from work yesterday; I thought I'd caught what Kath had (which is apparently strep throat), but all I had was a scratchy throat which was gone after an hour or so. I was productive - I got my amp back from the rehearsal space, which means that all that's left of official Good Evening business is for me to collect my share of our savings - my share is approximately $300 or so, which would certainly help pay for all the equipment I bought last week.

3. I've started to really get into the most recent Appleseed Cast album. It had gotten some pretty encouraging reviews, and I'd sorta liked enough of the 30-second samples on iTunes to buy it, but I don't think I'd listened the whole way through. Yesterday one of the songs I'd yet to hear popped up on my iPod, and it totally blew me away, and so I've been listening to it all day and it's really quite good. It's not the landmark that Low Level Owl was, but then again, LLO had a lot of filler, and it got more than a little unbearably pretentious at times. Peregrine feels a lot more cohesive.

4. Sorry, Met fans. That was an amazing catch by Chavez, though, for what it's worth. My brother is fuming mad today; his first words to me over IM were: "strike three LOOKING?" In any event, I'm saying Tigers in 5 - the full week off might fuck with them for a game, but they're gonna steamroll over St. Louis.

5. I've gotta see "The Departed", and I've gotta see "The Prestige." That is all.
re: 3. I was so disappointed in "Two Conversations" that I've held off on hearing "Peregrine"...you may have just pushed me over the edge though.

re: 5. Yes, you do need to see "The Departed" though there's a chance that you won't love it quite as much as I did just because of the whole Boston thing. But you will love it.

also, have you heard the new Grizzly Bear album, 'Yellow House'? If not, you must. It's a fucking masterpiece, you will thank me.
I stayed away from Two Conversations because of what you'd written about it, although it got shat upon pretty much across the board. Peregrine, in many ways, feels like LLO: The Return.

I wanted to see The Departed before I knew it had anything to do with Boston; I can't wait.

I have not heard the new Grizzly Bear, nor had I heard any old Grizzly Bear either. But I will now.
It's gotten incredible reviews, yes, but there's only so much WW2 I can take. I'll check it out on DVD or cable, but I'm not sure it's a must-see-in-theaters movie for me.
what was the last WWII one you saw? for some reason i'm blanking on the last war movies other than Flyboys a few weeks ago.

although i should say, that movie will pale on a home theater next to how good the picture/sound will be in theaters (and it's not like teenagers will be talking through it. ;)
I haven't seen any WW2 recently, come to think of it, although I've played more than my share of Call of Duty 2.

I saw Saving Private Ryan and The Thin Red Line in the theaters within the same week when they both came out, and that was a scarring experience. I guess it's just that I'm not as interested in WW2 as subject matter in general. I read the NYT review today, and came away a lot more impressed than I had been previously, but still - it's not a must-see for me.
I'm interested in Marie Antoinette, but not in the way that I was foaming at the mouth for Lost in Translation. And considering how infrequently I go to the movies these days, The Departed and The Prestige are absolute must-sees.
so i threw on my new dr. katz season 1 dvd today. and the patton oswalt dvd commercial plays before it. now, i knew you went and were filmed and all, but shit, man! it's like your special, with special guest patton oswalt! well done, sir. made my day.