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On Friday I wrote here that I was determined to get ProTools to work. Lo and behold, I succeeded! After 30 minutes of research I figured out the problem - I had plugged my Mbox into my external USB hub instead of directly into the computer. That solved my latency problems, my error message problems, my sound output problems, everything. I spent most of the weekend teaching myself how to create loops and just basic MIDI 101 stuff; now I'm foaming at the mouth for more instrument plugins and I want to take a week off from work just to record record record.

I'm so glad I didn't buy an HDTV.

So, yeah - great weekend, even if I didn't leave the apartment.
since i'm technologically inept, this entry reads to me thusly:


i had a great weekend!
Until I figured it out, that's exactly why I was so frustrated - that's how I saw it, too. Now it all makes sense.
Do you use your Xbox360 on a standard-def TV? If so, how tolerable do you find it? I switched mine from my mediocre 24" TV to my 20-inch widescreen LCD monitor because I couldn't read any goddamned text on the screen.
I have a 27-inch standard-def TV; it's been more than fine for the 5+ years I've had it.