Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Finally almost done with this hellacious cold - and I didn't miss any work, either, which is kind of amazing.

My microphone arrived yesterday, as did the full version of Reason, and so now I'm pretty much set up for the next few months - sure, there are a few more instrument plugins that I'm coveting, but for the most part I can get by. The plan is to write, record and mix an album by the spring, all new material (or radical re-workings of older songs), and then see where I am at that point in terms of putting something together. I have no intention of jumping into a new band situation just yet - and even if I did, the latest postings on Craigslist would be absurdly depressing if that's all I had to go on. Mike (ex-bassist of GE) is also the recent acquiror of ProTools, so we're learning together and we may end up fucking around at some point on a strictly informal, recording-only basis - which would be awesome, I think - but in general I'm trying really hard to not put any undue pressure on myself. What's nice is that I'm as motivated and energized about this process as I've ever been. And I'm not going to lay any sort of bullshit deadline, either, like "one song a week" or anything like that - that's discouraging and unhelpful. I just want to work every day, basically, and let it unfold however it wants.

Anyway, tonight: recording.
Tomorrow: double feature with Kath, some combination of Borat / The Prestige / The Departed.
Sunday: football, recording.

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