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It's amazing what happens when you read the manual.

Here's the very first thing I'm releasing to the world in my new ProTool'd reality. It's not a song, per se; it's not really much of anything, to be honest, except something that just sorta happened over the weekend. This mix that you're hearing is not even close to a final version - it's a VERY rough mix, and as I hear it through different sets of speakers I get more and more agitated in terms of how much I still have to learn.

But whatever - you don't want excuses, you just want to hear what hundreds and hundreds of dollars of technology used to its bare minimum potential sounds like, and so, I present the very uncreatively titled: 1104mixdown2.
NOT real drums, actually! They're MIDI and I played them live on my keyboard, and then quantized them afterwards so they weren't all over the beat. This whole thing was done without any thought as to sonic quality - I just wanted to mix something out of ProTools and into my iPod, and if this particular piece ever sees the light of day again it will sound much, much different (and hopefully better).