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Even though it's absolutely pouring here in Manhattan, I gotta say - it's a goddamned beautiful day. Rummy's stepping down, it looks like the Senate seats in both Montana and Virginia will go Democratic (pending a recount... anyone happen to watch FoxNews as the results came in? Brit Hume was on the verge of tears, and this morning the "Fox and Friends" crew was oh so sad. Good times.

I gotta say, I just LOVE how Tony Snow is asking for the new Democratic leadership to play nice and engage in meaningful bipartisanship. Considering how Democrats have been treated for the last 6 years - hell, considering how Bush himself has been referring to Democrats in the last 2 weeks as he stumped for his base ("Those evil Democrats, who hate America, want to raise your taxes!", although he failed to mention that a Democratic congress can't raise taxes if a Republican president exercises veto power)... I know it's in the best interests of everyone if the party doesn't TOTALLY swing over to the far left right out of the gate, but GOD I'd love it if Pelosi (and, hopefully, Reid) just kicked them all in the balls.
I did my part here in Montana, and I'm damn happy with the result. You're welcome!