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Is it still raining? I can't tell. It's been several hours since I've left my chair, mouth agape, blankly staring at the sort-of trippy RealPlayer visualization that has absolutely nothing to do with this Lilys CD. It's cool that my typing has gotten to the point where I can stare at it and type at the same time, although the fact that I think that's cool should indicate how low I've sunk today. At this point I suppose I should be grateful that the CD player on this machine doesn't shred the discs themselves while crashing my computer.

As I meant to say before, tonight is a meeting, and I'm very much looking forward to it. We've got several ideas on the table, including a new novelty Monopoly board, more Bad Scrabble Hands, and a "Choose Your Own Adventure" thing. Plus we've got to figure out a new place to host the damn thing. We bought the name and the server space over a year ago and we've done pretty much nothing with it. Good planning.

Nearly 4pm now. Today is really dragging. The woman left work early - I'm gonna call her and interrupt her Zelda session.

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