Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

I've been wanting to post all day, but work has continually been getting in the way. Maybe it's for the better; I was incredibly grumpy and incoherent until about an hour ago.

Anyway - the Thanksgiving break was, generally, great. I was able to leave work at 3:15 on Wednesday and we managed to sneak onto a 3:45 bus, thus avoiding horrendous traffic and getting back to my mom's house with ample time for dinner and a quick trip over to the local Target to pick up a new dog bed for the puppies (more on that in a moment). My brother also managed to get home before midnight, and so we were all able to hang out in relative peace and quiet.

Thursday afternoon we headed over to my dad's house, where we feasted on delicious foodstuffs and my 10-year-old stepbrother introduced us to the insanity that is Dance Dance Revolution (and holy shit am I out of shape). He also happened to have a copy of Katamari Damarcy lying around for his PS2, which I'd never actually seen in person, and now I'm seriously contemplating buying a used PS2 just to have it (and all the other great PS2 games that I never played because I never owned one).

Friday everyone showed up at my mom's house, where we exchanged holiday gifts (since nobody ever sees each other for the actual holidays, we like to get everything done before they start). I picked up some nice loot (including one volume of the newly-released James Bond DVD collection, and there'll be more on that in a bit as well), and the loot I doled out was very well received, especially my stepfather's Police Squad! DVD, which we watched after desert and was (mostly) as hilarious as would be expected.

Saturday we hung around; Kath and I and my brother caught an afternoon showing of Casino Royale (more in a bit) and thought about sneaking into the Tenacious D movie, but conscience dicated that we swing over to see my cousin Adam's new baby, who was adorable. And Sunday we got back to our apartment and decompressed.

So, as for the previously mentioned "more in a bit" segments:

1. We were a bit concerned about getting any sleep this weekend since the puppies would rather be in bed with us than anywhere else in the world, and there was no practical place to put them except in our room. As it happened, they LOVED their new bed but needed to be reminded of it at 2 in the morning. Generally, here's how it would play out; we'd tell them "bedtime!" and they'd frolic back to their bed, but as soon as we put our heads down they'd run back into bed with us. Eventually this played out into a "Red Light Green Light" routine, where I'd pick my head up and see Lola just a few steps away, and ultimately they managed to stay in bed the whole night. Interestingly enough, when we were back in Astoria last night and getting ready for bed, Lily stayed in the dogbed rather than coming in to join us, and she had a hard time getting out of it this morning.

2. Let me just say this up front - until "Casino Royale", I had little to no affection for the Bond franchise. Sure, "Goldfinger" is fun, but generally speaking, the series was always a bit too campy for me to really care about. However, Daniel Craig as James Bond kicks a ferocious amount of ass, and I'm fully on board for the rest of his tenure. Plot holes aside, "Casino Royale" is a tremendous amount of fun, and Craig's Bond is absolutely riveting. I came out of that movie with a tremendous desire to get completely shitfaced on martinis and scotch, which I thankfully was able to curb, but just barely.

Obviously, when we got home on Sunday Kath and I were keen to check out the older Bond films which we had newly acquired on DVD, and so we watched "Diamonds Are Forever" and "The Man With the Golden Gun", and... um... they both kinda sucked? "DaF" has one of the laziest car chase sequences in the history of car chases (the 2-wheel stunt just made it all the more ridiculous); the whole moon buggy chase was completely absurd; the plot was barely comprehensible and the whole thing just kinda felt blah. As for "Golden Gun", I must first admit that it was the first Roger Moore-as-Bond movie I'd ever seen front-to-back, owing to my stepfather's long-held belief that Sean Connery so thoroughly defined James Bond that the Roger Moore movies were unwatchable. I wouldn't necessarily go that far (especially since "DaF" was so dumb), but yeah, Roger Moore is pretty goddamned stiff and actually kinda creepy (see, for example, the scene where he sneaks into the girl's room, hears her taking a shower, and just casually walks in and watches her until she notices). And also - what's with the ties? The man is flying a tiny plane into Red China seas, to pursue the assassin who's been trying to kill him - does he REALLY need to be sharply dressed?

I am certainly looking forward to checking out more of the Connery Bond movies, and I know Kath has an affection for the Roger Moore ones... and I'm curious to check out the Daltons, if only because I hated Pierce Brosnan... but I'm REALLY looking foward to the next Craig film.

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