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Today's my last day at work for the year; Kath and I (et familia) fly to Chicago tomorrow for some family-related shindigs. I still hate flying, even though I've gotten better at it; I'll have plenty of distractions this time around, although a vodka/OJ usually seems to quell the nerves just as handily. I've got about 200 pages left in "Against the Day", so I'm debating whether to race through the ending today so I don't have to pack it, or just read the rest of it very, very slowly so I don't have to pack anything else book-related.

I would apologize here for not keeping to my usual posting regularity, except I'm not sure I'm offending anyone; I keep intending to post some actual journal-y type stuff in here and I always end up getting distracted and end up putting up stupid links or whatever - which is what happens when one's LJ-time is primarily spent at work.

This journal's gotten incredibly superficial this year; I don't necessarily know why. In years past, any time I felt like retreating from the world at large I would explode in this space, but for whatever reason I've retreated from here as well. Which is not to say I'm not still reading what you write; I'm just not in a very contributory mood these days. Maybe I'll do something about that in the '07.

In any event - since this is also most likely my last post for this year, have a great New Year and I hope you're all well.
The beauty of LJ is you can use it any way you want. :)

Have a safe and uneventful trip to my part o' the country!

Oh, and BTW, I'd just bring the book and another to go with it. The comfort of having enough to read is always worth the hassle, I think. ;)
i'm closing out the year by savoring pynchon myself. though i must admit i'll need a break after this one.

have a great new year!!