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Had a totally insane dream this morning wherein I met the boys from Wilco at a summer camp reunion. We ran around the campgrounds saying hello to long-lost friends, but then we had to leave because we were about to start a bank-robbing spree. It ultimately fell apart when, during the last heist (which was set in a parking garage and was set to "Hell is Chrome"), we were joined by Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith, and Joe turned out to be an undercover cop (we discovered this because Joe started shredding the guitar solo), and then Steven starting singing, and then the parking garage exploded and we all sat around in this lava-filled cavern waiting for the police to find us.

Your guess is as good as mine.

We did indeed watch Snakes on a Plane last night, which was about as terrible as we'd hoped. It was great fun to look at the passengers boarding the plane and figuring out who was going to die (and how); the only real stereotype that they managed to omit would be the elderly bickering couple (Ethel and Marty, say). It would be hard to say it was disappointing, but the money shot (i.e., "I've had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane") was way too obviously tacked on. But I feel stupid about complaining about an incredibly stupid movie, so I'll leave it alone.

We watched The Descent last week, a movie I was very anxious about seeing. Did I already mention this? In any event, I HATE scary movies because I totally get sucked in - even the horrible ones - and from all accounts The Descent is one of the better-made horror movies in recent memory. But I sucked it up, and I'm really glad I did, because it was really, really good. And yes, it was absolutely terrifying; but the bonus is that now I feel like I can watch any scary movie, because I survived The Descent. We watched the unrated version, which features the original British ending - and the British ending is totally fucking brilliant.

3-day weekend coming up, hooray. Tomorrow I'm doing some music with a 6 Characters-related friend, which should be fun; not sure about the rest, but my copy of Lost Planet should be arriving any moment now, which would take up some idle time quite nicely.
I very much want to see The Descent, perhaps it will be my weekend rental of the weekend. I need to Netflix bad.
If it's gonna be your weekend rental of the weekend, you might as well pick up Mind Science of the Mind.

Seriously, though, the movie is incredible.
I love horror movies and I've seen a ton of them, but The Descent is the only movie to illicit an actual sound of terror from me in a theater (a fact which I will NEVER live down with my wife). It was during the first big confrontation with the creatures, and they did this quick cut to one of their faces jumping out, and I almost crapped my pants. That was truly one of the scariest movies I've ever seen, but it was still the cheap shot that really got me.

Our only disappointment in the theater was the ending, because you're right, the American ending is ridiculous. It almost ruins the movie because so many loose ends that are tied up in the original ending seem like poor writing because of the revision. Still, I'm glad we saw it in the theater, because I think the claustrophobic feeling of those cave scenes was magnified by the big screen.

I love this movie, one of my favorite horror movies ever.
I made sure to spoil as much of this movie as I possibly could, and I saw that very scene you refer to in one of the trailers I came across - even when I knew it was coming, though, it still got me.

But then again, I was still whimpering like a small child during the cave-in sequence.
God, that cave-in scene almost gave me a heart attack. That's what was great about that movie, the pacing. Starts with a bang, then builds the tension slowly for so long, and then blows it out at the end. So many horror movies screw that up, and this one never gives you a break.
lost planet! i played that for the first time a few months ago at work and really liked where it was going. i got Vegas last night though, so getween that and Gears i don't think i can handle another new shooter just yet.

i'll have to look into the descent--tina and i have seen some LAME horrors lately and it'd be nice to get the good taste put back into our brains.
no, i'm waiting until i get a new TV--to me, it's just not worth it until then (however, i'll prolly get the TV within 30 days!).
i just LOL'd at your dream.

i hate horror movies excepting the laughably cheesy ones. those, i LOVE.
For some reason your crazy dream made me think of Idiocracy, which just got released on DVD this week. It's a very love/hate sort of movie, but I guarantee it's worth at least a rental.