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Very lazy and slothful weekend; there are worse ways to spend one's time.

Um, new Ghostbusters game? A 2nd report indicates that it's on hold, but indeed real, and as soon as they can resolve the IP issues, it's on. To which I say: just give Bill Murray as much money as he wants so that he'll go into a recording studio and ad lib for 2 or 3 hours, and you've got Game of the Year written all over it.

More to come.
Aw man, nothing will ever beat the original Ghostbusters video game.
Wait, ANYTHING will ALWAYS beat the original Ghostbusters video game.
From what I gather, the videos in the 1st link are running on the Xbox360, but most likely those videos are simply test footage and don't necessarily reflect actual gameplay. Which is the long way of saying that this game is most likely a long ways off from being sold. Assuming that the developers are able to legally make this game and sell it, I would be incredibly surprised if this game wasn't sold on all platforms.

Let me put it this way: if and when the game comes out, you can come over and play it to your heart's content, because I'm getting it no matter what.
pretty much--if they had more to show than the car doing a u-turn and changing colors, they'd post it. either this is leaked (i didn't read the article) or they just wanted to show early shots to get people talking.

i tell you though, if they're that early into production that they don't have much to show, they'd better have some great gameplay and ghost effects--that car wasn't all that great, next-gen graphics-wise.