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Anybody know anything about this sort of device? If it's not a complete piece of shit, I might just have to get this; I've got 6 years' worth of rehearsals and sketches on tape and absolutely no way to hear them at the moment.
If you have a tape deck with RCA outputs (ie, red and white stereo jacks,) Radio Shack sells a "Y cable" that converts the two RCA outputs to a single 1/8" output that most computers can take in as an audio signal. Since you seem to have audio software on your computer, you could just play the tape on the tape deck or tape component, run the signal using the Y cable into the computer, and record. You'd still have to break up the files individually on the computer, but it'd be cheaper than buying this (though not necessarily easier.)
That's how I do it. That internal solution has its elegance, but I'd still be inclined to buy a caseette deck for $25 at a pawn shop and just patch it in with the Y cable.