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1. Don't forget - tonight is the great Colbert/O'Reilly face/off. So. Very. Excited. We're DVRing them both, but I don't think I could bear to watch the O'Reilly Show live (and anyway I'm sure it'll be youtubed tomorrow), but the Colbert Report should be off the hizzy.

2. Speaking of Papa Bear O'Reilly, I thought I'd pass this link along - if you've been following the Ben Ownby/Shawn Hornbeck kidnapping (which I haven't), you might not know that, according to Bill, it's the kid's fault.

3. Downloaded the forthcoming Apostle of Hustle album last night, which I listened to this morning; pretty good. Probably a better album than their previous, Folkloric Feel, although FF's highs ("Energy of Death" and "Kings and Queens") are two of my favorite songs of all-time, and nothing on this new album comes anywhere NEAR those two.

4. Supposed to have drinks with my brother tonight, but my stomach's been in a bad way; I'd hate to cancel on him, I haven't seen him since Xmas and he just got back from 2 weeks in Panama and Costa Rica. I guess I'll see how the afternoon progresses.

5. I think I'm starting to get somewhere with the song idea I mentioned yesterday; I'm at the point now where I think I can start putting things down on tape. I wish I were better at ProTools in terms of being able to easily cut and paste things, which is sorta how I think this recording is going to have to come together; well, I guess this'll be a trial by fire.
Ever notice?
O'Reilly's kind of a dick.
I'm SO into the Colbert Report tonight. SO SO SO into it.
1. more like a face/away, right? these guys won't even be on the same show at the same time as i understood it...
Colbert will be on The O'Reilly Show at 8pm; Billo will be on The Colbert Report at 11:30. At least, that's the way I'm understanding it.