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1. After much thought, I've decided to put the HDTV on hold, for the time being. Clear goal in mind - cut my current credit card debt in half, THEN see how the prices are. I've been making a very concerted effort over the past 6 months to be more responsible; I've been very aggressive in terms of paying off what I currently owe. I've also been prone to random acts of Amazon-ing and iTunes-ing, though, which doesn't help at all.

1a. After I made my decision yesterday to hold off, I went over to the Best Buy near my office just to see if they had it on display, so I could look at it and make absolutely sure that what I wanted was actually worth it. And OF COURSE it was the featured model, both in the HDTV department AND in the videogame department. Fuckers. I ended up buying some DVDs just out of spite.

2. Kath and I had a lazy evening; we were both determined NOT to watch the SOTU, and since one of the things I'd bought earlier in the day was James Bond Volume 3, we decided to watch one of the Bond movies neither of us had seen - the George Lazenby-starring "On Her Majesty's Secret Service." Kath was ready to fall asleep around 45 minutes into it, so we put it off for another day - however, we watched enough of it to get to Louis Armstrong singing "We Have All The Time In The World", which I'd never heard before and immediately fell in love with and started planning out a cover version. Ran over to iTunes to see if I could find his version - alas, it wasn't available, but there were 34 other versions(!!!). Did some Limewire-ing and found the original Louis recording, and also the My Bloody Valentine version (and the Iggy Pop version). And here I was thinking that I'd found this obscure song to cover! Goddammit. Still, though, I think I may continue to work on it; most of these other versions are pretty much exact replicas, and I think I have a different angle of attack on it.

3. As mentioned, we didn't watch the SOTU but I read Jim Webb's Democratic response, which was utterly brilliant.

4. If I'd gotten around to getting the Neko Case album when it was first released, I'm certain my best of 2006 list would have looked somewhat different. It's stunning.

5. Very slow day thus far, which is good because my stomach is in a bad way, for no particular reason.

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