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I've always very self-conscious about dancing - which is to say, I can't dance, and I always feel like a tool whenever I do, which is why it doesn't happen very often.  Likewise, I sometimes get a little bit too over-analytical about my stage presence whenever I'm performing with a band - sometimes I feel like I'm too stiff, sometimes I feel like I'm rocking out a bit too much.  New York City audiences don't really help in that regard, either - generally, you feel like an asshole regardless of what you do.

So I want to say a very loud and sincere "THANK YOU" to Billy Squier, who has made feel about 100x better about myself in so many respects.  Via Stereogum, as always.

Via Wikipedia:

Squier revealed that his career as a chart-topping rocker came to a stunningly rapid and sudden end with the release of the music video for "Rock Me Tonite", universally derided by his fans (who saw him as a guitar hero) for its effeminate set (a bedroom dressed in soft, pastel fabrics) and Squier's bizarre, vaguely homoerotic prancing and ripping of his clothing, reminiscent of Jennifer Beals' performance in the film "Flashdance". The video was a demolishing blow to Squier's image among his fans, who deserted him virtually overnight. Billy confirmed that his career didn't recover after that video.