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1.  Just last week I was starting to really get anxious about, well, a whole bunch of things - my musical career, my actual job, wondering what the hell I'm doing with my life - and now, suddenly, things might be starting to change.  It's too soon to really go into any details, especially since a lot of this stuff is just in the initial, talking phases - and, also, I'm trying not get too excited about it -  so I'll just say that there is a very cool opportunity being set up this week, which would lend itself PERFECTLY to my current situation, and if it works out, this would be the first step in possibly a really exciting musical endeavor, and I'd be getting paid.  

2.  Not to mention that the OTHER guy I contacted last week has written back, and we're gonna try and set something up this week.

3.  This week, then, has gotten really busy, really fast.  Which is crazy.

4.  My grandmother is, again, not doing very well.  She's 92 years old and for the last 4 or 5 years she's almost died about once every 3 months, and last night it almost happened again.  

5.  I don't watch the Grammys - I think the last time they were relevant to me was back when Paul Simon's "Graceland" came out -  but I HAD to watch the Police, and HOLY SHIT they were awesome.  If that little jazz odyssey section of "Roxanne" means that they'll be reinterpreting their catalog on their upcoming tour, I think I'm gonna die.  They absolutely kicked ass and I'm prepared to spend an OBSCENE amount of money to see them.

There's something fucked up with my throat - ever since yesterday afternoon it's hurt to swallow, and it hasn't gotten any better.  It feels like I got punched right on my Adam's Apple.  Ugh.  This would be a terrible time to be sick, or worse.
I've been going through the same thing with my grandmother. She is also 92 and not in great shape. Sorry to hear about yours.

Yeah, the grammys are very relevant anymore, but seeing the police was cool. I hope their tour comes somewhere at least close to me. This years grammys seemed like it was taking place 20-30 or more years ago anyway. The Police, Lionel Richie, Smokey Robinson, Tony Bennett, Stevie Wonder, Eagles songs, Bill Withers songs, James Brown songs.
1. You're scoring porn movies?
5. But to paraphrase Patton, "...or worse, the vest with no shirt, GAAAAAA-AAAAAYYYY."

4. In all seriousness, hope all is as well as can be with your gram.
5. But if anybody could pull it off, holy shit, it would be Sting. Did you see his arms? For an old man, he looked GOOD. And Stewart! He looked so happy!

Jesus Christ, when did I become a 15-year-old girl?
Re: how <b>you</b> doin'?
I read the Simmons diary; I turned the Grammys off after the Police left the stage. Sting hit every note as far as I could tell.