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EDIT:  In case you can't follow along:

They opened with Message in a Bottle, and then played When The World Is Running Down.  (Andy was pretty rusty.)

Then, tour details:  May 28 in Vancouver, throughout the US until August (including Fenway Park on July 28)... then Europe, until October when they come back to the US.

Ticket prices are $225, $90, $50.  Being a BestBuy RewardZone member will get you advance notice and access to tickets.

More info as it happens.

EDIT:  No backing vocals, no backing people - just 3 dudes.

EDIT:  Can't Stand Losing You

EDIT:  Roxanne (full version.)  I gotta say - Andy's gotta practice, he's playing like utter crap.  Sting and Stewart are absolutely on top of their game, but Andy's fucking up all over the place...

EDIT:  That's it.  Tour starts in 3 months.  That will not give me enough time to raise the $10,000 it will take to get nosebleed seats....
stay out of malibu, lebowski!
$225??? It's not like these guys are the EAGLES.
I'm just glad that he isn't using that "roland jazz chorus" sound on everything.
And what's worse: Andy fucking up right and left, or Sting calling out every chord in front of the world?
I'm gonna lie, I'm stoked and working for BB will get me killer tickets for the MSG show!
I thought Andy was all over the place at the Grammys too. He's definitely the weak link.

I still wanna go though!!