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Via CCI, who got it from The AVClub's "The Hater":

First leaked footage from Fox News Channel's answer to The Daily Show:  The Half-Hour News Hour.    Racist, hateful and hopelessly delusional commentary disguised as a comedy show, except it's not funny - dig the desperation of the laugh track!  Oh, you crazy Republicans. 

It's kinda sad, in a way, how completely un-humorless the right is. It's like a genetic defect. Too bad they won't allow the proper stem-cell research to correct it.
lol--that laugh track is awful! i bet the guy who does the graphics for the FNC also did their opening.
Apparently the guy who created this show is the same guy who created "24".
I did indeed see that, and I meant to attach that link to my original reply, but I'm slammed at work and totally forgot.
wow that is bad. Not even close to funny. Actually it seems just like regular Fox News, so I guess they could just keep it as their "normal" new program and none of their watcher would notice
See, the problem when you try to beat the Daily Show at their own game is that the Daily Show uses FACTS, not outright SLANDER AND LIES.