Dewd, that is fantastic. I love the counterpoint (not sure that's the right word) of the lower note acoustic. I love it.

Side note: Get that Bang on a Can album of Terry Riley's 'In C' if you haven't already. It's definitely worth having.
I do indeed have that "In C"; I don't think I've made it all the way through, but what I have heard is pretty amazing.

And thanks for your feedback. I know it's very derivative, but I'm glad it's out of my system and now hopefully I can start incorporating some of these minimalist ideas into my own work instead of copying it outright. Mostly, though, I'm just psyched that I figured out how to automate the L-R panning in the upper guitar phase (which function like the bassoons in Music for 18). It's subtle, and probably corny, but at least now I know how to do it...