Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Busy Monday Tuesday, but not as overwhelmingly so as in weeks past. 

1.  Very mellow and enjoyable weekend; Kath and I got some quality time in.  Took a VERY long walk on Sunday, where I came alarmingly close to getting an HDTV before coming to my senses; did splurge on DVDs, though.  

2.  Among the DVDs was The Departed, which was fantastic.  It's hard to believe that Scorcese is an old man, considering that The Departed has more energy and vitality than pretty much every film I've seen in the last 10 years.  Fantastic cast - Leo was especially good, although I can't vouch for the authenticity of his Bawston accent.   And while Jack Nicholson was, well, Jack Nicholson, I was kinda surprised that his role wasn't played by DeNiro, whose body of work with Scorcese is among the great director/actor collaborations of all time.  (A quick glance at the imdb trivia page indicates a good reason for this - DeNiro was working on The Good Shepherd at the time.  Bonus fun fact:  Leo was originally cast in The Good Shepherd, but dropped out to do The Departed - and he was replaced by Matt Damon, who did both.)  We thoroughly enjoyed it.  And I didn't even mention Alec Baldwin!

3.  I had planned on doing some more work on that new song idea I'd posted, and at one point I even had some actual, concrete ideas - I just forgot to write them down (which is incredibly stupid since Kath got me this wonderful pocketsized Moleskine staff paper notebook specifically for this very purpose).  BUT last night I started work on another new idea - which happens to be somewhat similar to the idea I'd forgotten to write down.  Not anywhere close to being presentable, but the main reason why I bring this up is because I now finally understand the concept of "bussing", which I suppose I really even shouldn't be worrying about at this initial phase in the song.  Question for you ProToolers out there - can I send one track to multiple busses (i.e., reverb/compression)?  Does that even make sense?  I bring this up because once I'd figured it out (thanks to a long phone call with Mike), I was futzing around instead of laying down tracks, and I realized that while I could send out my acoustic guitar into Bus 1-2 (where I had a nice juicy reverb), I didn't see an option to send it ALSO to Bus 3-4 (which is where I wanted to set up some Massey compression).

4.  There used to be a magainze shop/candy store in the lobby of my building, but it went out of business and was replaced with a shoe shine/shoe repair store.  It never gets any business, and I felt kinda bad about it (even if I sorely missed the old shop).  Anyway, today I got my shoes shined, which I'd never done before - I sat up on the chair, and this old guy just totally fucking went to town on my old shoes, and now they look all nice.  $4!  I think I'll do this every day.

5.  Going home this weekend - this may be the end, as far as my grandmother is concerned.  I'll write more about that when I can clear my mind a bit.

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