Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Just came back from a sandwich run, and it's almost my favorite weather outside - morning rains have subsided but the skies are still gray, mid-50s.  Didn't even bother zipping up my jacket.  

Kath and I watched The Prestige last night; I thought it was really good, Kath not so much.  Certainly the ending is a little insane, but you can't let "logic" dictate how you watch a magic trick.   While Kath was all wrapped up in the Jackman/Bale man sammich, I was kinda distracted by ScarJo's crappy English accent.  At any rate, I thought it was a fun movie, and Christopher Nolan has yet to disappoint.

The pups are at the vet today for yearly vaccinations and much-needed professional grooming.  They've stayed at the vet for all-day periods before, but that was for surgeries and they weren't always awake; today they're there because we're both at work and so I'm sure they're freaking the hell out.  At least there won't be poop on the floor when I get home.

My iPod went all kinds of shuffle crazy during this morning's commute and so I was treated to some old, personal history - lots of stuff popped up from old bands of mine.   It was neat to hear those songs again; it was rough listening to the crappy sound quality because we didn't know any better.  Makes me wonder when - well, really, if - I'll ever perform again.  Right now, strangely enough, I'm kinda enjoying NOT performing, and I'm finding myself in a pretty good situation right now - I've actually got quite a few scoring projects lining up, some of which are coming with money, and of course there's the ol' album which I've gotta finish.  

I dunno.  Sometimes I feel like an old curmudgeon, but then I think about things and I feel pretty happy with the way things are going.

Finally, here's a rather beautiful animation short entitled "Kiwi!"  Maybe you've seen it, maybe you haven't; it took me quite by surprise this morning (especially since it took me 2 viewings to understand what I was watching).  Sound is necessary.



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