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That "Kiwi!" video I posted on Friday seemed somewhat familiar to me.... and then my iPod reminded me what it was.

Here's my nomination for best music video of all time.
That's beautiful - on several levels, actually. Who is the artist and/or the name of the song?
That is a killer video and song. I love that album. Sigur Ros were really cool to see live too
That IS a good video, but I'm not sure it's even the best one by them. Have you seen the video for Track 1 (aka 'Vaka') from "( )"? It actually won the best video award from MTV a few years back.
I just finished watching Vaka - it's good, but didn't really do anything for me. Whereas in Glosoli, at the end, during that big crescendo and buildup, and then there's that long shot of the cliff's edge - I mean, I've watched the thing a number of times and I feel like bursting into tears every single goddamned time.