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1.  I didn't even know that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame thing was last night until it had already been on for an hour; we watched Patti Smith, all the while wondering if we'd missed R.E.M.   Van Halen's induction was incredibly wierd, as only Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar showed up, and then Velvet Revolver played one or two songs and it was absurd.  We ended up DVR-ing the rest of the show because by that point it was 11:30 and we couldn't stand to watch yet another montage, and Jay-Z's induction speech for Grandmaster Flash seemed to be a bit awkward.   And so we watched the rest of it this morning before going to work; Eddie Vedder made a really great induction speech, and then R.E.M. came out and they played a few songs, most notably "I Wanna Be Your Dog" with Patti Smith, and Peter Buck was clearly drunk and belligerent and at the end of the set he threw his amp off the front of the stage hitting some poor dude in the shins.

Frankly, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is kind of ridiculous, but having R.E.M. and Grandmaster Flash get inducted last night means that the next few years might actually be worth watching; maybe we'll get Jane's Addiction, Public Enemy and the Pixies?  

2.  We also watched Stranger Than Fiction, which was actually quite good; Emma Thomson was magnificent, and Will Ferrell was great.  Dustin Hoffman basically played the cousin of his character in I Heart Huckabees, and I'm not sure what Queen Latifah was doing in this movie at all, but whatever.  The movie itself is clearly indebted to The Truman Show, but somehow less annoying and preachy; anyway, certainly worth a rental.

That's it for this morning; still very tired and foggy.
Dave and I watched the show too, and pretty much had the same take. I want them to release Patti & Michael's duet of 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' so I can play it over and over, and it was great to see Eddie Vedder singing on 'Man on the Moon' and 'People Have the Power'. The latter was made just a little surreal by Sammy Hagar taking a verse or two, but at least he acted sincere. And as a result of their performance, I now want to see Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five in concert.

And as for future inductees, an artist or band doesn't even become eligible for nomination until 25 years after their first album. Which would make The Pixies, Public Enemy & Jane's Addiction all eligible in 2012. Good news or bad news depending on your perspective...
2010-2014 ought to be pretty awesome, then - so many freakin' amazing bands got started in the mid 80s. I'll have to do some research today and find out what's on tap for the next few years.

We didn't see "People Have the Power"; we turned it off after "I Wanna Be Your Dog" since we were running late to work. I also have to say that Peter Buck needs to get into rehab, pronto.
My research project didn't take long. Here's the choices for next year. Holy shit:

10,000 Maniacs
Adrien Belew
Afrika Bambaataa
Bad Brains
The Bangles
Beastie Boys
Big Country
Cocteau Twins
Culture Club
Don Henley
Everything But the Girl
The Fixx
Janet Jackson
Jimmy Page
Kenny G
Lionel Richie
Marshall Crenshaw
Men at Work
Michael McDonald
Robert Plant
The Smithereens
Sonic Youth
Steve Earle
Talk Talk
Tears for Fears
Twisted Sister
The Waterboys
Screw that, I'm looking forward to Spinal Tap becoming eligible in 2009!

But seriously, RUN DMC'll be eligible in 2008, and I pray they don't choose Steven Tyler to induct them.
it is really, really stupid to act drunk and belligerent at the rock and roll hall of fame.

i watchted stranger than fiction also this weekend...i really enjoyed it! dustin hoffman made me laugh with his constant eating and coffee drinking.
Dude, his coffee-tude was COMPLETELY INSANE!

And as for asking drunk and belligerent at the R&RHOF... well, sure, I mean, of COURSE people are gonna get that way, especially with an open bar. It's just some people wear it well, and some people don't, and Peter Buck just isn't as endearing when he's being a fucking asshole.
Oh! I wanted to tell you. The Wilco record, a friend of a dear friend of mine played on it! She played the viola or violin, or maybe both. I thought she was a viola player, but my friend said she played the violin on the record, so I'm not sure if he misspoke or I misheard or if she indeed played something other than the viola. Anyway, I so cannot wait to hear it, mostly based on what you have said!