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If you've got nothing to do for the rest of your afternoon, please to enjoy yet another one of those locked-room point-and-click brainfucks.  Took me a little over an hour or so; I can offer hints but some of the puzzle elements are random.  Enjoy, or not. 


Oh, did I forget to mention that this puzzle is completely freaking insane?
Here's what I can tell you: you will need 10 balls when you're ready to solve the final puzzle.
okay you've officially ruined my afternoon and made me insane. what's does the red flower in the book mean? and what is that brown blob?!
Re: red flower: 2 things. One - notice the color of the square on top of the flower. Two - if you look at the ceiling plant, in the lower right corner you'll see there's an indentation in the wall.

Re: brown blob: that may make a little more sense once you've opened up the door to the washroom.
that helped. but i think i need to stop now for a while or i'll never get anything done - or solved for that matter.