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When I got home from work on Friday I had every intention of following up this entry with some long, involved LJ examination.  Because, I mean, holy shit, 6 years is a long time to be whining into the intertubes.  Obviously, however, I did not.  I did end up buying a bunch of albums on iTunes and then fell asleep.

Said albums include:
1.  Deerhunter, "Cryptograms"
2.  Peter Bjorn and John, "Writer's Block"
3.  Of Montreal, "Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?"
4.  Dr. Dre, "The Chronic"

The Deerhunter album is really good - and it'd be the greatest album of all time if I were 22 and high and in my old apartment on Houston Street and still fully into the idea that I was going to rock the free world;  PBJ is so-so, although "Up Against The Wall" is now my favorite song of 2007 thus far; Of Montreal is dense and I must admit that I haven't gotten the whole way through yet.  And I needed to finally own "The Chronic".  Every month or so I get these crazy pangs to acquire all the albums I never bought back in the early 90s; next month I'll choose between "Ready to Die" and "Nevermind".

The weekend was OK; mostly I'm just exhausted because Lily is now convinced that 5:00am is a perfectly good time to wake us up.  I don't understand how that happened - before we changed the clocks, she was waking us up at 6:00am, and then once we made the shift she went one hour earlier, so that she's actually waking us up at 4:00am.  If she wasn't so goddamned cute and fuzzy and loveable, I'd be really angry; as it is, I'm just very tired and cranky.  

... I'd still like to do an LJ retrospective, but I'm nowhere near ready, and I'd like to avoid using some pre-made shitty meme to do it.  Maybe after this cup of coffee, and if the workday isn't totally insane, I'll get around to it.

6 years this month for me too. What a weird 6 years it's been.
What a wierd 6 years it's been.

On so many levels. How long have we been LJ buddies for? Did we meet through dfw?
I think it was dfw, but don't quote me on that. But yeah, I believe you were one of the first folks I didn't know in real life/from rec.arts.tv.mst3k.misc to be on my Friends list.
'...Every month or so I get these crazy pangs to acquire all the albums I never bought back in the early 90s...'

That is the same feeling I have been having, and it led me to download a bunch of early Dinosaur Jr. How the hell come I never bought them back in the day I will never understand.
Yeah, but we lived with Devin, who had all of them. That's my excuse, at least.
That was my excuse for not owning a LOT of stuff that you already had. I continue to hemhorrage cash putting together my Sonic Youth and Stereolab catalogues.
Compile your greatest posts into a book. I've been considering doing this with my instant messenger conversations. I'm sure some publisher would be interested in this kind of thing. Especially with all the pop culture content in there.