Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Revenge of the Consumer Whore

I went even more bananas on iTunes yesterday, picking up the new Modest Mouse and Andrew Bird rekkids.  The MM is good, although there's a wierd paradox with it - it's arguably the most accessible album they've made, and yet it failed to grab me the way Antarctica and even Good News did.  And while I'm excited that one of my guitar heroes, Mr. Johnny Marr, is getting a regular paycheck again, I'd never know he was in the band, even if I actually saw him playing the songs.  The Andrew Bird record... I have a feeling I'm going to be madly in love with this album someday; this morning's commute was rough and I didn't get as absorbed as I'd hoped. 

I haven't counted, but I've bought a lot of music already this year.  Fuck it, I'll count.  (counting)  Um, let me correct that first sentence; I've bought an OBSCENE amount of music already this year - 23 albums, plus this 5-disc Steve Reich box set.  And yes, we're not yet at the end of March.  I think I may need to sit the next few plays out.   The fortunate part is that, by and large, it's all been really good - lots of new discoveries (Menomena, Andrew Bird), lots of new albums by old favorites (The Shins has become my early frontrunner for album of the year), lots of classics I'm hearing for the first time (er, the first 4 Velvet Underground albums).  

I've got around 6 or 7 books on my bedside table, and I finally settled on one to read.

I was tempted to write about this whole Attorney General fiasco, but I just finished eating lunch and I'm tired of feeling nauseous every time I think about how completely fucked up this administration is.  As usual, Kos / FDL / C&L / MyDD are on top of it; they say it much better than I, at any rate.  How did we (i.e., progressives) survive before the internet?  I, for one, recall feeling just fine being ignorant and apathetic.  I was too young to really know what Reagan was up to, and I got most of my Bush 41 critiques from Dana Carvey on SNL.  I didn't even really get onto the internet until the 2nd half of Clinton's 2nd term, which is when Drudge exploded onto the scene and I was too naive to realize that Drudge was all right-wing bias.  Anyway, I'm getting to the point where being disgusted and outraged by each daily revelation of the Bush Administration's absurd disregard for ethics and the law is both exhausting and yet somehow not enough.  I'm not about to start writing protest songs, though.

Work has been busy today, and yet kinda fun, in a wierd way; the partner I work for is involved in 2 cases where the opposing parties have apparently overdosed on crazy pills and are producing (and/or demanding that we produce) completely insane things.  I'm not a lawyer, nor do I have any desire to be one, and my ability to translate legalese is still somewhat sketchy, but some of the stuff I was working on this morning actually made me laugh out loud. 


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