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Joined Facebook, because, why not.

Random poll time. The poll creator thingy has been wonky all goddamned day.

Poll #955702 Random Sociological Survey #1: The Empty Elevator

When entering an empty elevator, where do you tend to stand?

Dead center
Right in front of the door
Against the back wall
Along on of the sides
In a corner
Directly in front of the buttons
Don't care / don't pay attention
The elevator I use most frequently is not big enough to address this level of specificity
I take the stairs
damn, i really had to think this through very carefully. actually i could answer yes on all the questions, except the last one - i avoid the stairs due to that i am afraid of getting claustrophobic as my grandma (which probably is some kind of phobia i dont know the name on). finally i choose "dont care/dont pay attention," since i figure that is the most accurate answer if you cant remember where you stand in elevators (with or without other people in it) ;)
I should've put a "I stand all over the place / I have no consistent place I go" option, I suppose, but I originally had options for each specific corner, too, and it was getting a bit ridiculous.
jeez, i am happy you didnt write all the corners at well, since i am pretty sure my brain would have gone overheated of all the thinking. i have a very bad combination of being absent minded and hard to take decisions. the good thing is that is makes me funny and people have a good laugh. the bad things is that i never really seems to really understand if i am really doing anything at all, and is always certain i am doing it all wrong, just to be certain i am doing at all. hmmm, not even i get anything out of that ;)
my rule of elevator entering is push the button and get out of the way. and i hate everyone who doesn't subscribe to my rules.
oh, but i should add that I'm on one of the higher floors in my building, so I know i'm not going anywhere for a while.
The elevators in my office are tricky because you press your desired floor BEFORE YOU EVEN ENTER THE ELEVATOR; a wall panel then indicates which elevator you will enter.