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On Vox: 041007 loop

I was a lot more impressed with this one when I was recording it; now I think it's kind of stupid.  I tried messing around with arrangements and layers, but, well, there's not enough happening to really make it work.  Still, though - I love the "MACCA" bass preset.  Gotta get better with the Redrum programming; everything I'm doing sounds like "My First 808 Pattern" crap. 

Jeremy Voss

Originally posted on jervo.vox.com

Oooh, me likey. Makes me want to stare out the window of a fast-moving silver train carriage, wearing a white Nehru jacket and a wistful expression.
Funny you say that - I think the bassline came to me on the trainride back from Kath's parents. Not in a wistful way, though.