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The whole point of having a blog is to be able to talk about stuff.  So here's me, sitting here, NOT writing about stuff.  Argh.

1.  This Imus thing is completely out of control and insane and ridiculous.  Let me get this right out of the way - I don't listen to Imus.  Let me clarify even further -  I don't listen to ANY morning talk radio - hell, the only time I listen to the radio AT ALL is to listen to baseball games, and even that is a struggle because the Yankee radio broadcasting team has become insufferable to listen to.  Yes, he said something incredibly stupid - but this is morning talk radio we're talking about, which is hardly a prime source of elevated social discourse.  How many times has any right-wing radio host said something inflammatory, racist, sexist or just plain stupid without getting ?  Shit, how many times has fucking FOX News said something racist, sexist or stupid?  Somehow, Imus' stupid comment has managed to knock the Iraq war, the Attorney General's testifying to Congress next week, and even Anna Nicole's baby's daddy off the headlines.  WHAT THE FUCK IS THE DEAL, people?  And here's the really stupid part - after next week's meeting between Imus and the Rutgers basketball team, nobody is going to give a shit about this story ever again.

Unless, of course, the next time Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter or any number of hatemongers says something inflammtory, THEIR sponsors drop their ads, and THEIR networks drop their shows, and this blatant hypocrisy is laid to rest.

2.  Downloaded the new Blonde Redhead album last night; it's very good.  

3.  Watched a little bit of last night's Boston/Seattle game - and, really, all I can say is Viva King Felix.

4.  Watched/listened to a little bit of last night's Yankees/Twins game - and, really, all I can say is GODAMMIT.

5.  The rain outside is ri-goddamned-diculous.

I kinda feel like the Sox/M's game went about as well as it could have, regarding Matsuzaka. He pitched well, but got overshadowed by another guy pitching far better. Kinda forces the hype to die down just a bit (and I don't know how it is outside of New England, but around here the hype has been inSANE), but the fact that he pitched well enough to win 80% of the time should keep most of the yahoos from jumping off of proverbial bridges.

C'mon, man. You crushed us 2 out of 3. Give us one win, at least. :p
I was talking more about Moose's hamstring injury and Farnsworth's total self-destruction, but sure, you can have the win!