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From The Colbert Report:

Colbert:  Let's look at the war on drugs.
Graphic:  Dude, what if the war looked back at you?


Kath and I will be at Lollapalooza in Chicago this August.  They haven't posted the exact schedules just yet, and I have family in town as well, but Chicago people - I will be in your hood.


The new El-P record is amazing.


I kinda like this hyphen thing, as opposed to numbered lists. 
Just watching the Cubs/Reds game, and Len and Bob were talking about the Lolla lineup. It was kind of hilarious listening to them try to be hip.
I want to marry the graphic. That's f*cktastic.

"I will be in your hood" is probably the dirtiest thing I've read all day. It's the sexually-charged "All your base are belong to us"... of 2007.

The hyphen thing isn't cool at all. Even pitchfork doesn't like it. However, it WILL be cool later this summer and pitchfork will give it five and a half stars. David Bowie will use hyphens in a blog entry in July.
i will go to chicago in this summer, but i still dont know exact dates - but it would have been assume if i i could be there during Lollapalooza :)