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It could be said that I've got a fatalistic outlook on life, but I don't necessarily consider myself superstitious - except when it comes to sports.  The Yankee championship years of 1998-2000 are almost entirely my doing, solely because I would have to pee whenever we needed a big hit.  In recent years my record in the playoffs when I listened to games on the radio was near-perfect.  And now, unfortunately, it seems that I can't watch OR listen to the Yankees (or any other team with a rooting interest) anymore.  While Kath and I got caught up on some DVR'd TV - Sopranos (best episode in years), Antiques Roadshow (Salt Lake City has antiques?) - the Yankees clobbered the Indians with a rookie pitcher on the mound, and the Rangers beat the Thrashers 7-0.   

We also finally got around to watching Children of Men, which had been sitting in its little Netflix sleeve for about 3 weeks before we had a chance to watch it.  

I was glad that Scorcese finally won an Oscar, and to be honest I really liked The Departed - but dear sweet baby jesus, Children of Men is one of the best films I've ever seen.  It's a film that really HAS to be seen more than once (or at least with a pause button at the ready, as we repeatedly paused and rewound just to take in little details, or just to marvel at the camera work).  There is a sequence near the end as Clive Owen escorts his charge down the stairs of a building (if you've seen it you know what I'm talking about) that is as heartbreakingly beautiful as anything I've ever seen, and as I tried to tell Katharine how I felt I nearly started crying.  It's an astonishing film.  I'm sad that I waited so long to see it, but I'm gonna run right out and buy it.

My boy Michael's birthday is today, and this morning he told me he got bootlegs of every Beatles record in its original mono and stereo form, and they are supposedly mindblowing and just destroy the EMI versions - which are the versions that I imagine all of us are familiar with.  He put special emphasis on Sgt. Peppers, which apparently sounds far more psychadelic and crazy in its original mono mix than what's currrently out there.  (By the way, the latest issue of Guitar World - a magazine I've never subscribed to and only bought yesterday on Michael's urging - features a lengthy interview with Geoff Emerick and a track-by-track analysis of some of the recording techniques used on Sgt. Peppers.)

(Also - Guitar World is one of the dumbest magazines I've ever seen.)

I can't agree more re: Children of Men. It's the first 'new' movie in a long time that I felt compelled to buy on DVD immediately after it came out. The entire battle/walkout scene is one of the most awe-inducing pieces I have scene in ages.

Also re: Sopranos, that episode was fantastic. I especially liked the in-character behind the scenes of Cleaver after the regular credits.

Oh, and until the playoffs started, the only time the Rangers would win a game this friggin' season was when I didn't watch them. Thankfully, this hasn't applied to the playoffs yet. Yet.
Children of Men is worth seeing if only for Michael Caine as a John Lennon impersonator. And, also, Clive Owen's cousin's apartment. Who wouldn't want to eat dinner alongside Guernica and the cover of Pink Floyd's "Animals"?

Some website (can't remember which) recently posted a bunch of close-ups of the many fake commercials and posters in the movie - the amount of detail in this film is staggering.

Re: Sopranos - I'm pretty sure that by the last episode, every single character will be dead.

Re: Rangers - I turned Game 1 on but I was going back and forth between the TV and the computer, and if I was on the computer the Rangers would score, and when I'd come back to see the game the Thrashers would score right back almost immediately. That was it, for me.
I have now heard a critical mass of good stuff about Children of Men. Just bumped it to the top of the Netflix queue. :)