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1.  I've re-read a great deal of reviews of Hot Fuzz this morning, and while they all generally love it, they all call it a parody - which to me isn't the right word.  It's a 2-hour homage, really.  Parody implies something trite and satirical, whereas Hot Fuzz absolutely relishes each and every action/comedy cliche there is, while simultaneously being entertaining and gut-bustingly hilarious.  Whether or not you liked Shaun of the Dead is irrelevant (although, obviously, if you're a fan of the Pegg/Frost/Wright canon you'll feel right at home) - Hot Fuzz is totally fucking awesome.  Which is what I said yesterday, in not so many words.

2.  Still haven't seen Grindhouse yet, and it's driving me crazy.  Kath doesn't really want to see it, either, but even if she did, her schedule for the rest of the month makes her more or less completely inaccessible.  I will have to bite the bullet and see it alone - I just have to make sure I see it before this weekend, as the local theater in Astoria has pulled drastically back its showings every week.

3.  In spite of having stomach issues all weekend I actually made it out of the house.  Took a lot of long walks around Astoria, including a DVD splurge of somewhat epic proportions (although the new Larry Sanders compilation was more than worth it); saw Hot Fuzz yesterday; even made it to my boy Michael's 30th birthday party on Saturday. 

4.  And so all this activity made it very easy for me to ignore what was happening in Boston.  I'll just say this - it's April, we have no pitching staff, and yet we still only got outscored by 4 runs.  

5.  Making great strides in getting my music software to play nicely with each other - I'm almost at the verge of complete and total understanding over getting Reason to work inside Pro Tools, and my guitar software is becoming less obtuse as well.  Hoping to do lots of recording this week; I did a few sketches this weekend that are very promising.
Obviously, you need to drive up to Massachusetts tonight to see Grindhouse with Jesse and I.
Lemme tell you, if I had a car and could take the time off from work I would totally do it.
It was phenomenal. My only incredibly slight complaint is that I felt like the Tarantino feature took a long time to get awesome, but the last 15 minutes made up for that.

Also, regarding the weekend series...I never got the memo stating that close losses don't count the same as other losses. Boo ya.
You didn't get that memo? I'll have Janice send you another copy, with the attachment "April losses don't mean as much as September losses, especially when you have no pitching staff and you still manage to score a ton of runs against the opposing team's top 3 starters."

Enjoy first place while you still can.
Ok. Pardon the late reply, I'm so stupidly busy at work (since forever) that I have to read back months into LJ just to figure out what the hell is going on with everyone. Boston. Fucking Boston. That was the first weekend me and my boyfriend (an extremely annoying Red Sox fan) enjoyed the new, large flat panel HDTV with the nice YES HD network. By Monday, I was questioning:
1. Who would be more comfortable on the couch
2. Could we give back the tv and the cable network subscription immediately without losing money
3. Did I really think I had it in my to date and live with a Boston fan

It wasn't pretty. And that was AFTER I had procured tickets to the Yanks/Sox game at Yankees stadium in May for Jasper, Mike and me (as a birthday surprise for said Red Sox fan). GOOD SEATS on the 3rd base side, even, to a sold out game (which cost much more than a small fortune). Yayziz. Monday was shitty.

And I had no place to gripe until you afforded me the opportunity. So thank you. :)