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1. McSweeney's Lists have been kinda lame lately, but I came across an awesome one today: Zen Parable or Just Someone Being Cruel?

2. The new Cornelius album, "Sensuous", is FINALLY available in the US. iTuned my copy this morning, listening to it now - it's an extension of what he was doing on "Point", but with more keyboards and less acoustic guitar. Also, it's awesome. They're playing at Webster Hall in May... and I fucking hate Webster Hall.

I thought I had more... but I don't.
I'm going to see Cornelius tonight here in Seattle. I also hate the venue he's playing at here - odd trend.

I'm really interested to hear the new album. I've heard a few tracks via youtube videos, but they were hard to get into on first listen for me. Then again, it took me over a year to really "get" Point, so maybe I'll like it when I hear it in a better format than youtube videos.
Now that I've listened to the whole thing, I should clarify what I meant when I said that it's "awesome." It's awesome... in spots. For a guy who only releases albums in 4-6 year cycles, there's a bit too much filler on here - at least, that's my first impression. There are some great songs on here, though, and I'm sure they'll be amazing in concert. Please post a review tomorrow!