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Stolen from toddv :

* Go to IMDB.com and look up 10 of your favorite movies.
* Post three official IMDB "Plot Keywords" for these 10 picks.
* Have your friends guess the movie titles.

These are pretty much all well-known movies; I tried to pick the more obscure (but still accurate) keywords. 

EDIT:  Nobody has even attempted a guess at #4, so let me offer my favorite quote as a hint:
"What the fuck are you doing, robbing your own house?"

1. Actor Playing Himself / Portal / Love Triangle  Being John Malkovich via foxinthesnow
2. Dystopic Future / Samurai Warrior / Multiple Outcomes  Brazil via simon_moon
3. Very Little Dialogue / Man Versus Machine / Zero Gravity   2001 via losinginterest
4. Heart Attack / Jewel Theft / Man Pretending to be Gay  A Fish Called Wanda via piggy_suckfish
5. Hearse / Refrigerator / Library  Ghostbusters via losinginterest
6. Princess Diana / Amusement Park / Matchmaker  Amelie via foxinthesnow
7. Adopted Son / Baptism / Restaurant  The Godfather via losinginterest
8. Diabetes / Revenge / Tattoo   Memento via delphicdays
9. Heist / Poker / Mormon   Ocean's 11 (remake) via simon_moon
10. Sword / Injection / Divine Intervention  Pulp Fiction via simon_moon
I can see someone already got it, but 1 is Being John Malkovich, yes?

Also, I just did this in my own LJ.
No, it isn't. I almost put 3 of their movies on this list, but ended up without any.
1 d'oh, i just now realized the memento overlap.

2 anyway, do another pass on mine!

3 halo 2 this weekend?