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The movie thing is so fun, and everybody's doing it, so I'm going to do it again.

1. Malaysia / Reporter / Exploding Gas Station   Zoolander via _seahorse
2. Suburban / Woman In Jeopardy / Lip Syncing
3. Fall from Height / Mass Production / Clock   The Hudsucker Proxy via easterkat (who beat mgrasso by 30 seconds)
4. Motorcycle / Capture The Flag / Astrophysics  Wet Hot American Summer via delphicdays
5. Alcohol / Poetry / Pedophile
6. Bathtub / Casino / Drugs  Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas via easterkat (who beat mgrasso by 30 seconds)
7. Film Making / Recording Studio / New Year's Eve Party
8. Seeing Eye Dog / Funeral / Velcro  Garden State via easterkat
9. Playwright / Gangster / Dog  Bullets over Broadway via _seahorse
10. Brain Transplant / Transgender / Mother Daughter Relationship
It was absurd, how close it was, which is why I felt obliged to give you credit.