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Via John Hodgman's blog, which got it via boingboingDick Van Patten's Hobo Chili for Dogs.   

I seem to recall a David Cross routine involving "The Simple Life" and ads for electric scissors, and how those things come to mind whenever he hears George Bush say that the terrorists hate our freedom.  If this is all we've done with our freedom, then, goddammit, we're fucked.
I have two dogs. I'm not sure how to react to these products, but let me quote Hodgman's blog:

"Italian Spaghetti with Beef in Meat Sauce" is not yet available, though I LOOK FORWARD TO ITS MEATY REDUNDANCY.
how did i not know about hodgman's blog already? i'm banging my head against my desk here...
I think I knew about it a while ago, but never bookmarked it and totally forgot about it... until the other day. Lots of hilarious stuff.
it's funny, the 'Electric Scissors' bit just came up on iPod shuffle on my morning drive. I used to think Paul Newman had the marketed cornered on various food-item renderings of dubious ethnic sensitivity, but it seems DVP's got him beat.