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1.  I didn't get to see Bill Moyers' "Buying The War", but PBS has the transcript, and it's astonishing.  I urge every one of you to read it - and also to print out a copy, so that the next time you are within arm's reach of someone who gets all uppity about "the media's liberal bias", you can smack them in the head with it.  

2.  There's really nothing to say about this weekend's Yankees/Red Sox series; the Yankees have absolutely no starting pitching, the bullpen is weary and beaten up, the bats have gone quiet, and the Red Sox are on a roll.  I'm hoping for rain.

3.  Kath leaves for Florida in 3 weeks.  

4.  I need to see Grindhouse this weekend.  

5.  Meh.
It appears that the local theater pulled it today, which decreases my chances of seeing it rather dramatically.
This game has me so depressed I actually had to leave the room. I think I hate baseball.