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1.  "Annie Hall" was on cable last night.  I love Woody Allen - especially that era - and it's my second-favorite film of his (right behind "Manhattan") - but I hadn't seen it in years.  Goddamn, that film is amazing.  Diane Keaton's performance is absolutely incredible.  (One thing I finally noticed last night - there's a scene towards the beginning of the movie where Woody is waiting for Diane Keaton at a movie theater, and he's being pestered "by two guys named Cheech", and when she finally shows up he complains about her being late and that he's being harassed "by the cast of the Godfather."  And I always forget that Diane was in the Godfather.  I'm not sure if that's a testament to her performance (now that I think about it, I think that scene is the first time we see her in the movie) or my shitty memory.  Probably the latter.)  Anyway, now that I'm older and I've put some years between viewings, I think I relate to Alvy Singer a bit too much.  I'm almost positive that if I went to California, I'd undergo waves of nausea and engage in incredibly passive/aggressive bits of road rage.

2.  Thanks to Guitar Hero, I ended up iTunes-ing the Wolfmother album - which is kinda fun, actually.  It's like Dungen, except with less drugs.   I also iTunes-ed the new Feist album this morning, which is great.  Can we please have a Feist/Neko Case/Emily Haines (or Metric) tour, please?

3.  I think allergy season has finally hit me.  Goddammit. 
If I had to make a top 10 list, it would look something approximately like this (although it might change this afternoon if I continue to think about it):

Annie Hall
Bullets over Broadway
Manhattan Murder Mystery
Love and Death
Hannah and her Sisters (this really ought to be higher)
Match Point (shockingly good)
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Sex...
PIA,S is the reason why I got into Woody Allen in the first place - that was the school play during my freshman year of high school, and I got cast as Woody. (Of course, someone in the administration eventually read the script, realized it was TOTALLY INAPROPRIATE for high school, and it got canned in favor of "A Christmas Carol".) I think the movie is pretty good, but weaker than the play. But let's be honest - there's SO MANY great Woody films, it'd be impossible to make a top 10 without leaving some really great stuff out.
In this order...

Annie Hall
Hannah and Her Sisters
Crimes and Misdemeanors
Love and Death
Match Point
Interiors (I know, I'm weird)

All this being said, there's a tie for my least favorite Woody Allen movie: it's between Melinda and Melinda and Deconstructing Harry.
I must confess that I haven't seen Interiors. And I've only seen Stardust Memories once or twice. (And I never saw Another Woman.)

I didn't see Melinda 2x either, but I sorta liked bits and pieces of Deconstructing Harry. At the very least, I just liked that he finally busted out with some fucking vulgarity. (Also, the Robin Williams "out of focus" vignette was good.)
I read once that the cocaine-sneezing scene in Annie Hall was totally an accident. I also think that scene where Jeff Goldblum is on the phone, saying he forgot his mantra, is a perfect microcosm of the New York/Los Angeles dichotomy of that time.

It's funny you mention it; I was just playing Guitar Hero II Sunday night (I'm trying to get five stars on everything now) and realized how much I like that Wolfmother song. I think I might download that record today.

Speaking of records, I finally published my belated top 50 of 2006 yesterday -- your favorite record of last year, Loose Fur, made the top ten, and we've got some other overlap.
The cocaine-sneezing bit is absolutely an accident, and you can see Diane Keaton briefly break out of character. They had to scramble to find enough footage to give it some laugh room - they had to do a similar thing during the scene in the classroom where the kids reveal what they're doing as adults. ("I used to be a heroin addict, now I'm a methadone addict" absolutely fucking kills me every single time.)

The Wolfmother record is very White Stripes-y at points, and yet there are other times when it sounds like Ozzy if he sang for early Zeppelin. And as for GH; I'm halfway through "Hard"... I put it down a few weeks ago and haven't picked it back up.

I read your list - yeah, there's a lot of interesting overlap. I don't think I've heard of your #1, though. How about that +/-?
Sometimes I wonder if someone ghost-wrote Match Point for Woody Allen-- it's just head and shoulder above everything else he's done in years.

I've beaten Hard on GH2 and was working on Expert; I got away from it for awhile, and now I'm playing it through from the beginning, trying to nail five stars on Easy and Medium before moving forward. I didn't expect to fall in love with that game, but it's really pretty amazing.

As for my list, New Radiant Storm King are one of those amazing veteran bands that no one ever seems to have heard of. They started in western MA in 1990, and have been steadily pumping out brilliant little records to no acclaim ever since. (It doesn't help that their eight records have come out on seven different labels. They were on Grass until Grass become Wind-Up, changed mission completely and signed Creed; NRSK actually toured with them at one point.) As I mentioned in a comment, it's just a perfect marriage of 90s-y noisy angular indie rock and well-produced pop harmonies. I think you might really dig it.

And yeah, I caught +/- on a random bill here in Boston with four local bands. I wasn't expecting much, and was blown away. You know their drummer is now playing part-time with Kelly Clarkson?
Not only is the +/- drummer playing with Kelly Clarkson, but my old drummer in Good Evening has been subbing for him.

I will have to check out New Radiant Storm King - that sounds right up my alley.

I don't think Woody was joking when he called Scarlet Jo his "muse" - I didn't see "Scoop", but her performance in Match Point was one of the best things I've ever seen her do. (The scene where she confronts Jon Rhys Meyers at his office is especially good - I actually had to turn away, it was very uncomfortable.)

Re: GH - I got 5 stars on everything on Easy, I'm only about 4 or 5 songs away from 5-starring everything on Medium, and Hard is kinda kicking my ass (at around stage 3 or 4, I think). Part of the reason why I put it down is because I'm not that crazy about some of the songs, and playing shitty songs over and over again loses appeal. That said, I'm really quite amazed at how closely it gets the feel of playing guitar in a band.

Whoa, six degrees of +/-. Looking forward to seeing them when they come back to Boston in Sept.

I can Sendspace you the NRSK album if you want.

I love that scene in Match Point you refer to. I also feel a little queasy when I see it. Come to think of it, I actually watched that movie in January, two days before we got robbed -- the thief took the Match Point DVD case, but missed the actually DVD (which was on top the player at the time.) Unfortunately, I also watched "Scoop" that same week, and it was awful.

I do wish they had some better songs later on in the game. Some of the level 7/8 songs are pretty atrocious. (Though I think every level has at least one good song.) What, would it have been too hard to put a Don Caballero song late in the game?
I'm sure there are complicated licensing issues, but I can't accept that there's no Who, Zeppelin or Hendrix, but there's a friggin' My Chemical Romance song. And the songs at Stonehenge - at least, the ones I've seen on Medium - are awful.

I'm not sure if I have a Sendspace account - let me look into it.
namedropping "the godfather" seemed to be popular for diane keaton.
in the film "looking for mr. goodbar" she sits in a bar and reads "the godfather" and when she is approached by richard gere's character he tells her "i've seen the movie." or something along those lines.
in the novel "looking for mr. goodbar" the character reads novels in bars but i'm reasonably sure she isn't reading "the godfather."
personally i think the only person who can get away with referring to himself in a film using that kind of reference is cary grant and his whole "archie leach" references!
1. I can't think of "Archie Leach" without thinking of "A Fish Called Wanda."

2. It may or may not be worth pointing out that Gordon Willis, the cinematographer on Annie Hall, also shot The Godfather films. Probably not worth pointing out.

3. There's a major, major self-referential icon that I wanted to bring up, and it's absolutely escaping me at the moment. But I will return to this comment when I get it.
yes, well apparently cleese and grant were from the same hometown. i learn something new everyday.
This isn't the self-referential moment I was thinking of, but for whatever reason the scene in the remake of Ocean's 11, when Clooney and Pitt walk out of the bar and all the girlies rush up to swarm... Topher Grace cracked me up.

This isn't it either - in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the kid that Pitt and Jolie kidnap is wearing a Fight Club T-shirt.

Also, in 40-Year-Old Virgin, Paul Rudd is wearing a t-shirt with his own face on it.

Goddammit. Stupid short-term memory loss.
see those examples just seem cheesy to me. it seems a thing of vanity for the actors and completely goes outside of the suspension of disbelief i like to be immersed in when i watch a movie! it is probably me nitpicking but still...and brad pitt doing it in mr. and mrs. smith? i never saw that but that is because i dislike brad pitt but now i just hate him.
1. I finally, FINALLY have gotten around to seeing the Woody Allen movies and actually enjoying them. I loved both Annie Hall and Manhattan. I have Crimes and Misdemeanors waiting in my dvd player and Hannah and Her Sisters waiting in the DVR. I don't know what took me so long; I loved Bullets over Broadway when I first saw it. Maybe it was the fact that really didn't did on Diane Keaton, until now.
Maybe it was the fact that really didn't did on Diane Keaton, until now.

Say again?
Now I understand.

Lemme tell you, watching Annie Hall the other day... I was SHOCKED at how goddamned awesome she is in that movie. I guess I'd always taken her performance for granted, mostly because I was squarely focused on Woody. But she's a knockout at every chronological stop in the film, and her character has an incredibly large journey.