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Merry Christmas from the Republicans.

Re: the Yankees:  goddamn it, I don't know what to say.  It's beyond being snakebitten - it's being bitten by a snake who's been smoking crack for 3 days, so that it has major jaw tension, has absolutely no attention span, and is just a wee bit irritable.  The good news is that at least Phil Hughes won't blow his arm out this year from overuse.  

Damn.  I was hoping I'd have more to say this morning.  Oh, wait, maybe I do.  Today's NY Post cover really takes the cake.  And when I say "takes the cake", I mean "makes me want to punch something."
here's the thing: i WISH i could be outraged by the NY Post. instead, my first reaction is to laugh at how laughable they will appear in the context of history. of course, we won't be around for that but still...