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Other Music Digital has the new Sea and Cake album 4 days before its official release. It marks the first time since the s/t debut that John McEntire hasn't been manning the boards - it's also the first album since "The Biz" that's pretty much sans electronics. And it's also really, really good. 

I needed a meme to get me going, and delphicdays   brought the hot sauce.

1. Name a movie that you have seen more than 10 times: That's at least half of my DVD collection, so let me alter the question to "Name a movie that you've seen repeatedly over the course of your entire life", and the first two movies that pop into my head are: Ghostbusters and Aliens

2. Name a movie that you've seen multiple times in the theater. Pulp Fiction and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

3. Name an actor that would make you more inclined to see a movie: Generally it's the director that catches my eye. But right now I'll see anything that Bill Murray is in. Also, George Clooney and to a lesser extent Johnny Depp.

4. Name an actor that would make you less likely to see a movie: I don't quite know where to begin... Nicholas Cage... Johnny Knoxville... Paris Hilton...

5. Name a movie that you can quote from.  I managed to convince kayhoe to fall in love with me (and eventually marry me) mostly because I could quote The Breakfast Club at a level equal to or possibly even greater than her own.

6. Name a movie musical that you know all the lyrics to all the songs.  With the notable exception of Chicago, I'm not sure I've willingly sat through a movie musical ever in my life - or at least since the Muppet movies.  See below.    

7. Name a movie that you have been known to sing along with.  I love how this question is phrased, implying that somewhere, someone is taking notes.  I can sing along with any of the Muppet movies, especially Muppets Take Manhattan.

8. Name a movie that you would recommend everyone see.   My first impulse was to recommend Henry Fool, but that movie isn't necessarily suited for everyone's taste.  But I can easily suggest Good Night and Good Luck and/or Children of Men.

9. Name a movie that you own.  My DVD collection is in the 300-400 range; picking at random (and from memory)...... Who Framed Roger Rabbit? 

10. Have you ever seen a movie in a drive-in?  Yeah, and I even rode in the trunk a few times to reduce the cost of tickets.  Unfortunately, I can't remember any of the movies I saw.

11. Ever made out in a movie?  Not since high school.  Would you believe Silence of the Lambs?  And we stopped right at the end, when Jame Gumm has his night vision goggles on, watching Jodie Foster scramble about in the darkness.  Talk about a crazy scene to stop sucking face to.

12. Name a movie that you keep meaning to see but just haven't gotten around to it.  Grindhouse leaps to mind.

13. Ever walked out of a movie?  I should've walked out of Deep Impact, but it was so fucking awful that I felt compelled to stick it out, somehow, possibly out of some drug-induced masochistic fury.   

14. Name a movie that made you cry in the theaterSchindler's List, although that's pretty easy.

15. Popcorn?  Not any more - my stomach can't really handle it. 

16. How often do you go to the movies?  Not often enough.  I think last year I went maybe 5 or 6 times.

17. What's the last movie you saw in the theaterHot Fuzz.

19. What's your favorite/preferred genre of movie?  The good kind. 

20. What's the first movie you remember seeing in the theater?  A drive-in showing of either Snow White or Cinderella, when my family was in Maine during summer camp.  I was probably 3.  I also remember waiting on line to see Empire Strikes Back, and also eating in McDonalds afterwards, but not the actual seeing-of. 

21. What movie do you wish you had never seen?  There are some shots in Stan Brakhage's autopsy documentaries that I wish I could have scrubbed from my brain.

22. What is the weirdest movie you enjoyed?  What the hell does this even mean?

23. What is the scariest movie you've seen?  I maintain that the original Alien is the scariest movie ever made.  And I'd rank The Descent as a very close second.  But I also have seen very little in the way of scary movies, so my experience is very limited.

24. What is the funniest movie you've seen?  There have been a few movies where I laughed so much I was in physical pain for a day or so afterwards, but when I'm honest with myself, I think the movie I laughed the most was There's Something About Mary.  And it doesn't translate AT ALL on DVD.  Seeing that movie in the theater on opening weekend, before the entire world knew each gag... that was something incredible.  I would submit that TSAM's success has had a great deal to do with all the horrendously shitty gross-out movies that have come out since then, and what none of those movies got that TSAM absolutely nailed was its sincerity and heart. 

25. Name a movie you really want to see:  I don't know how this question is fundamentally different from #12, so I'll say Grindhouse again. 

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