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1.  Very long, informative and life-affirming interview with Jeff Tweedy in today's Pfork.

2.  Color me one of the few Yankee fans not foaming at the mouth in anticipation of the return of Roger Clemens.  To be honest, I was never really fully on board with him the first time around; please recall that after leaving Toronto (where he was astoundingly brilliant) his first season with the Yanks he went 14-10 with a 4.60 ERA, and that's the version of Clemens that I remember.  (Feel free to look at his numbers - his worst seasons were with New York.)  I really only recall him having 2 or 3 brilliant games, and most of his wins came because of incredible run support.  (Also, we had to give up the much-beloved (at the time) David Wells to get him.)  I'm glad to have him, especially after all of the horrendous bullshit the pitching staff has been through, but let's be honest - his last 3 (short) seasons were in the NL Central, which is just a notch above AAA ball.  I expect him to be a 5-inning starter with an ERA north of 4 once he gets started, which means that the bullpen is still gonna be screwed.

It was a very lazy weekend. 
The NL central did produce the WS champs last year. But overall, I do share your paranoia of NL-to-AL pitcher failure.
"The NL central did produce the WS champs last year..."

in the form of the Cardinals, who currently are 12-17. And the Cubs, Reds, Pirates and Astros are all a collective mess, and I'm as surprised as anybody about the Brewers.

You know what I mean. It should come as no surprise that Rocket was amazing going over to the NL, and it should come as no surprise that he'll be an old man before this season comes to a close.
You're just saying this so that I can't have any fun taking you down a peg.

And yes, 26 blah blah blah.
You guys are healthy and in first place with a healthy lead. We've won 5 out of 6 and are now a game UNDER .500. You can't take me down a peg, I'm already at the lowest rung.
check this out
One of the guys over at Highbrid Nation (http://highbridnation.highbrid.com/?p=2065) wrote a very interesting post about Roger Clemems and and the "real" reason he has come back to play for the Yankees. Good Stuff.
Re: check this out
1. Who is this?

2. That's pretty funny. Except everyone knows that Pettite left NYC because his wife found out that he was having an affair and wanted him closer to home. Not to mention that Pettite is all about God, and so if cheating on your wife with a woman is bad, cheating on your wife with a man is unthinkable. As for Clemens... I don't really care whether he's gay or not (although maybe that would explain the Piazza bat-throwing incident as some sort of pent-up homosexual release).