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Home today - rough stomach, as usual.

Last night's melodrama.... well, yeah. Basically, between the sappiness of The Office's season finale, and Kath not being around, and the realization that my social anxiety is getting way out of control, I was teetering perilously close towards a very long, lonely, dark night of the soul, and drinking would have resulting in drunk myspace dialing, and nothing good would have come of that. Ultimately I sorta snapped out of it, cuddled with the dogs, read a little, and was able to get a relatively decent night's sleep. And now I'm home with a bum stomach.

speaking (still) of myspace, i need to add you since i last had you on my friends list before i cancelled and then rejoined. so i shall find you and add you.

also, i couldn't stop smiling at the office last night. but i suspect it is just a fake out with pam and jim.
You better drink some pepto bro cause its Mets-Yankees tonight!