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Two links.

1. How tonedeaf are you? I scored 80.6%, which I'm a little disappointed in, although there were a lot of distractions here while I did this and the test is actually pretty hard in certain spots.

2. This is old, and you may have seen it already, but Sports Guy had it in yesterday's blog and it really does warrant repeated viewing.

The Best/Worst Fight Scene of All Time.

ugh, yeah, that is hard. I know I'm not tone deaf, so I think I was listening for a lot of minutia that probably weren't even there and then I had forgotten what the first song sounded like in parts. I think a better test would have shorter phrases and less complicated ones.
From the abstract at the top of the page, before you take the test:

"The test you are about to take was used as a screening test to roughly characterize patient’s pitch discrimination and musical memory abilities. Even though musical memory is strongly tested here, we have found that people who are tonedeaf tend to have normal musical memories."

I agree, it is more of a memory test than anything else. Still, it was 6 minutes spent not doing work.
Yeah! SEE ya!
There's so many amazing things to talk about in this scene, so I'm going for one that's maybe not so obvious: when the crazy mullet man pushes the girl over the file cabinet, and then jumps over the file cabinet to pursue her - it's a file cabinet! It's only 3 or 4 feet wide, as both camera angles clearly reveal! You could make faster time chasing after her by just moving to your right! WTFOMGBBQ

I am 86.1% Not Tonedeaf. Or musical-memory-retentive. Or whatever the fuck we've determined this is measuring.