Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Very busy day today, so let me do this real quick-like:

1. Here's the trailer for the new PT Anderson movie, There Will Be Blood.

2. Started/finished World War Z this weekend, which was fantastic. Couldn't NOT order The Zombie Survival Guide immediately upon completion.

3. We watched some great movies this weekend; I'm suddenly in a classic Paul Newman phase. We watched The Hustler yesterday, and I've got Cool Hand Luke, The Sting and Butch Cassidy all queue'd up. (I've seen Sting and BC before, but not CHL.)

4. Any of you get/hear the new McCartney? I'm curious... but not foaming at the mouth the way I was for Chaos and Creation.

5. The AVClub on Friday made it sound like they're not going to be doing the "Ask the AVClub about the titles of movies that you can barely remember" feature, which sucks because I have a prime candidate. Here's where it gets interesting - I thought the movie I was thinking about was Dreamscape, but apparently there was at least one other cheesy 80's thriller about dream-entering technology. The only scene I can remember with any clarity that turned out not to be Dreamscape involves some dude in a corporate boardroom wearing these shiny goggles - his dream/virtual-reality trip is something quasi-pornographic, but then it turns sinister and he falls off a cliff. Does that ring any bells? Also, holy shit, Dreamscape is insane. Very dated and stupid, but the Lizardman (who's played by the bad guy in The Warriors) is something that apparently haunted both my dreams and Kath's when we were little.


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