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1. It's Kath's birthday today! She's most likely on her way back home from the 90-minute spa treatment I got for her.

2. Had CBT session #2 this morning. At first I thought about documenting each session here, but I'm not really sure what that would accomplish. What I will say is this: last session was about catching up and getting back up to speed, and today's session was about the present tense. Got some exercises to work on; got a CD of some light guided meditation stuff. I'm not riding the same buzz today that I was last week, but that's mostly because I was feeling pretty crummy, stomach-wise, before I even got out of the apartment this morning - and I still am.

3. Having acquired an absurd amount of music this year already, some of my past purchases got lost in the shuffle. So let me say, now, that the new Dungen album is really, really fun. I might even say that I like it better than the last one - what it lacks in epic scope, it more than makes up for in consistency.

3a. The new Paul McCartney - I confess I haven't made it the whole way through. "Dance Tonight" has been thoroughly earwormed, and it's sorta driving me crazy. It's a pleasant enough tune, with incredibly stupid lyrics - even for Paul - and now it's featured in the new iPod ads, and I can't escape its sugary sweetness.

3b. The new White Stripes - I bought it for Kath as an early birthday present. It's pretty good, although I still maintain that they're wildly overrated. However, it did prompt me to get last year's Raconteurs album, which I like tremendously.

4. The McSweeney's sale is tremendous. Just picked up a couple three things there; I also wanted to buy Lydia Davis' "Samuel Johnson is Indignant", but they were sold out, and so I Amazon'd it.
A friend of mine told me once that Paul's insidious "Wonderful Christmastime" (or whatever it's called) sounded as if he'd gotten a new synthesizer one day, found an interesting sound, ran a few chords together, and that was it. I don't know if that's true or not, but it sounds to me like the same thing happened with "Dance Tonight", except with a mandolin.

That said, I think "Ever Present Past" is a pretty good song.