one of my coworkers is the guy on the right's twin.

What is funny is that my coworker has an identical twin. :) My coworker obviously lives in NYC and his twin lives in LA and they are both constantly getting stopped in the street asking them about the show and such. :)
Wait, so, your co-worker is Jermaine's actual twin, or just an uncanny lookalike?
I'm pretty convinced that he is actually a triplet with one of them separated at birth, but he insists it is just an uncanny look-alike. :)
love the act, love the show, even if the 1st episode was a bit too slowly paced to recommend.
The 1st episode was too slow, although we stuck around and the last 5-10 minutes were great. Now we're hooked. This video that I posted here has been stuck in my motha-flippin' head all day.